Store Supply Center
Frequently Asked Questions

I’m trying to order an item that requires me to scan a barcode, and my HHT isn’t working.
Call the ERC for assistance with your HHT. Items ordered via HHT are not available for order at the Store Supply Center.


I didn’t receive the correct light bulbs.  How do I get the right ones?
Contact Store Facilities Maintenance (866-300-0004).


I need to return an item that arrived on my last truck.
Have your District Manager request a return authorization (RA) number, then work with your driver to send the item back on the next truck.


How do I order forms?
Go to the forms library on STOREnet.


I’ve ordered items that require installation.  How do I get them installed?
Check-out equipment:  installed by Store Manager
Power Pole: installed by Maintenance (866-300-0004)


I asked my DM to order a fixture, but I haven’t received it.  How can I find out when it will get here?
Your DM will no longer order fixtures for you.  Store Managers need to place fixture orders through the Store Supply Center.  REMEMBER: Get your DM’s approval before placing fixture orders.


How long will it take for my signs to get to me?
All items are shipped UPS ground (7-10 BUSINESS days), with the exception of ads and TPR signs.


I’m a new store, and I need generic aisle violators.
Please notify your District Manager or report it on the New Store Certification form.


I can’t find the Ad signs I need.
Ad signs are only available for order before Wednesday of the current week to ensure the replacement signage reaches the store in time to be used.  As a reminder, TPR and Ads arrive as part of your normal fulfillment package, so check to make sure the missing signs aren’t in your last fulfillment box.